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Research and expert activities

The Department offers expert and consultancy services covering furniture production and furniture design branch and in the field of products quality and safety. It is a consultative and professional partner of CEN and ČNI ČR in the standard regulatory branch.

Important activities include research and assessment of VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions from materials – furniture components and CAD/CAM training.

The department works closely with the Association of Czech Furniture Manufacturers, with the Accredited furniture testing centre, ČOI Praha, the Association of interior design, Design centre of the Czech Republic, Chamber of Experts of the Czech Republic and Chamber of Czech architects.

The Department is engaged in the institutional research "Inhabited environment - primary medical prevention focused on VOC emissions”. The investigated VOC issue is interrelated with implementation of products within the Czech Republic and EU market and furniture assessment in terms of forthcoming EU legislation, Act of the Czech Republic 22/97 Coll., on technical products requirements and Amendment to Acts on product liability, Amendment number 209/2000 Coll., in relation to the provision of the Act 22/97, as amended by Act 102/2001 on general product safety, consumer protection number 634/1992 and product liability number 59/1998, Act number 86/2002 – Clean Air Act, and Act 185/2001 on Wastes.