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Study fields

Bachelor study program – three-year study program FURNITURE MAKING AND PRODUCTION study field FURNITURE MAKING AND PRODUCTION

Graduates are able to use the acquired knowledge and skills in furniture production, commerce, design studios, advisory services and vocational education. Their professional profile makes them possible to start their own business in medium, small and family companies specialized in production. Students acquire knowledge within creative design, trends in interior furnishing and furniture design as well as theoretical and practical knowledge covering materials, production technology, ecology, management, economics and organizing exhibitions. The study program also includes extended language training. Having passed the first year, the study program is divided into three study modules.

“Furniture production“/FP /

– it improves knowledge of technologies, materials including waste and production control fundamentals

„Furniture making“/FM/

– it improves knowledge of creative furniture construction design and its utility parameters

”Furniture selling”/FS/

– it improves knowledge of trading, counselling and basic interior issues. Module system makes a student possible to select an individually fitting study module.



Bachelor study program – four-year study program FURNITURE DESIGN, study field FURNITURE DESIGN

The graduate Designer – Furniture designer is capable of interlinking artistic feeling, historical context knowledge and current living needs requirements as well as extensive knowledge of latest technologies and materials for furniture production. In the designing process he/she is able to apply creatively latest technologies considering economical and ecological viewpoints. During their studies, graduates acquire competencies for individual creative work, work in and within a team, managing a small company, presenting their individual work and increasing confidence resulting from theoretical knowledge of history and relationships. The graduate can work as a self-employed Designer – Furniture designer working for smaller furniture manufacturers or as a creative team member for large-scale furniture producers in the process of designing furniture and production preparation. He/She is also able to work within interior design and furnishing in compliance with acquired field specificities.   The graduate can also continue his/her studies at the graduate level in the relevant designer fields of study.


Graduate study program – two-year study program FURNITURE ENGINEERING, study field FURNITURE ENGINEERING

Graduate study program Furniture Engineering is based on theoretical knowledge covering wide spectrum of fundamental furniture-oriented disciplines, which are extended at the applied level as well as at the level of targeted development of students´ creative abilities.  Study program, its focus on theoretical knowledge and practical skills, results from many years of teachers´ experience; most teachers have practised within the field for many years. Requirements for competences and knowledge, which students get or extend during studies, are also based on the practical demands provided by experts and organizations working in the branch, which are in a close contact with the school.


Graduate study program – two-year study program FURNITURE DESIGN, study field FURNITURE DESIGN

During their studies, graduates acquire balanced knowledge, aptitude, skills and competences for professional solutions within furniture design branch, for industrial production considering its demands, designing furniture pieces and creating interiors at the boundary between architecture, art and technology. During their studies, graduates acquire competences and skills within a furniture design branch based on the furniture production knowledge and materials used including the economy focused on individual creative thinking and systematic approach.