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Mission of the school

Department of Furniture, Furniture Design and Habitation

The Department of Furniture, Furniture Design and Habitation continues the tradition of the Department of Research and Development, which operated in Brno from 1954 to 1992; it re-establishes the research within the furniture design and interior field. The fundamental mission of the department consists in university educational activities focused on preparing new generation of bachelors and diploma engineers specialized in furniture. The mission of the school covers preparing specialists, which can immediately after graduation become useful members of working teams specialized in furniture production as well as furniture R&D. Having managed both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, graduates are able to compete in domestic and international environment and integrate in all development areas: wood processing, design and surface testing in specialized laboratories. The school also aims at accomplishing students´ original approach and thinking and does not push them to follow dogmas and long-custom clichés. These are just individuals with independent way of thinking who are able to show themselves in a team and as individuals whenever independent, creative and fresh ideas are expected. 

The aim of education consists in preparing graduates to master high professional, cultural, ethical and social knowledge-ability level, required creative capabilities so that they could solve independently concept-oriented tasks and respond flexibly to practical requirements. The Department of Furniture, Furniture Design and Habitation offers both bachelor and master studies. 

Bachelor´s study program takes three years, further master´s degree program takes two years. Bachelor study program graduates are awarded the degree of Bc. (Bachelor); master degree program graduates are awarded the degree of Ing. (Diploma Engineer).

The demand for graduates profiled in these fields is currently increasing. In addition to common branches such as furniture production and furniture R&D, new consulting services and housing oriented architecture-design studios are established. Therefore, the spectrum for our graduates’ jobs is extending.