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Graduate job chances

Bachelor study program - FURNITURE

Production and making furniture: Graduates are qualified to use acquired knowledge and skills at furniture production, commerce, design studios, advisory services and vocational education. Their professional profile makes them possible to start their own business in medium, small and family companies specialized in production. Students acquire knowledge within creative design, trends in interior furnishing and furniture design as well as theoretical and practical knowledge covering materials, production technology, ecology, management, economics and organizing exhibitions. The study program also includes extended language training.

Graduate study program – FURNITURE ENGINEERING

Development and furniture making; furniture production. Furniture engineering graduates are qualified in extensive understanding of theoretical-methodological fundamentals of this branch, scientific knowledge and creative skills. The knowledge spectrum is focused on projects self-management starting from design to final accomplishment of the work. The study program Development and furniture making is particularly oriented to design and domestic architecture, i.e., the interior. These graduates are qualified for leadership and managerial positions; they can also work as vocational school teachers.

Bachelor study program – WOOD TECHNOLOGY

is aimed at preparing bachelors able to work at professionally specialized medium work positions at various levels in factories, enterprises, companies and private entrepreneurs engaged in wood processing, manufacture of basic materials, wood-based components, wooden furniture, wood-based constructions, and in business entities whose activities are oriented to wood production or selling wood products. The study program is completed passing the bachelor exam.

Master study program – WOOD ENGINEERING

Wood processing technologies are characterized applying comprehensive technical knowledge considering other social and scientific disciplines. The education is focused on complex engineering production activities, technological processes and material engineering. Technical erudition considers requirements for safe environment inhabited by humans, properties of utilized products, ecology and further objective social factors.